– ahem! –


(Right: Landscape with Alarm Clock)

A series of essays, criticism, observations and altogether cimmerian maunderings by Jean Bosh with a genuine hope to usefully continue the conversation of humankind.

Jean Bosh considers himself to be an Ekleipsist, a pragmatist, an amateur, a speed bump. He has been described as a blackguard, a troll, a persona non grata, a pariah. To most, he is a nonentity, a nobody, nothing at all. His writing has been hailed as “abnormal,” “unprofessional,” “unfamiliar,” “remote,” “irrelevant,” “unexplored,” and “not at liberty to say.” Presently, he lives elsewhere.

For a New Nothing

Jean Bosh by Jean Bosh

The Magician is dead

I Protest!



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