Ech{ }S

please sister vibrate

[Right: Please Sister Vibrate]

An exploration of the music in one record collection that was left behind in Cummington, Massachusetts.

Echo Stirling was a librarian whose current whereabouts are unknown.

Cédar Gall is a superfluous character, nothing at all, in a story that nobody asked for. He does not know what he is doing here. He wanders about the world and the arts and writes about these wanderings. Presently, he lives just a little further on.

{Le Cahos / Delirium of Disorder}

{Right Track Now / Birds’d Crash / The Interpreter / Dust / I Love the Living You / Never Say Goodbye}

{I Float Alone / Triadic Memories / See These Bones / The World Spins}

{Now in this Hush}



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