{ }Ekleipsis is a lost work attributed to Von Kriege. Those referred to as Ekleipsists claim it as inspiration. Evidence of its existence originates from the contents of a trunk that has disappeared.




{ }: an Ekleipsist anti-manifesto

A manifesto represents a stand—not a movement.

Ekleipsism is a movement toward Nothing, a performance that is a disappearing.

Manifestos are written by people who want you to think that they and their ideas are important.

The Ekleipsists are interested in a book that cannot be found written by a person who may not have lived.

A manifesto longs for believers and followers who will convert a new way of thinking into a tradition.

Ekleipsism elicits the strange discomfort of an empty house.

A manifesto steps out of a shadow and announces itself, its existence, its importance.

Ekleipsism is a shadow of a shadow; it is a something that is a nothing; you may not see it, hear it, touch it, taste it or smell it and the more that you think about it, the further away it becomes.

A manifesto calls to action even as it digs its foundation.

Ekleipsism is neither here nor there; it is somewhere else, an averting of the eyes, a robin on the wire.

A manifesto serves as an example, and its writers and their further creations will be molded and informed by this example.

Ekleipsism and its creations emerge partly from Nowhere as proof that there is more to this life than we have yet imagined.

The writers of a manifesto think of themselves as providing useful knowledge they have discovered for the public to whom that knowledge was hidden, unknown, unthought.

The Ekleipsists claim no secret knowledge with which to unravel the world; hence, the world is your toaster.

The people behind a manifesto form an exclusive club that they want you to notice but that you may never join.

The Ekleipsists hold no meetings, no parties, no events; they are unfamiliar with one another. If you are elsewhere, you might be one.

A manifesto states its writers’ beliefs, principles, aims, and goals.

Ekleipsism is a question that may be responded to but unanswered; to have a healthy sense of doubt is to still have hope.

A manifesto makes statements and lays down rules meant to be followed.

Ekleipsism is an open book full of empty pages telling your life story.

A manifesto is a monument meant to conquer time.

Ekleipsism is a soft blowing wind that passes by and is gone forever.

A manifesto is an attempt to satisfy the longing for understanding, knowledge, and truth.

Ekleipsism is a longing to be elsewhere, to be otherwise, to go on longing for longing itself.

A manifesto says, “There is hope and I know what it is! I have written it down here for you…”

Ekleipsism says, “There is hope but nobody knows what it is because it is always somewhere else but for the hope of going on hoping.”

{ } VK Arkiv


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